The low down on the pop up shop



It was great to meet a few new facesĀ on Sunday at our pop up shop, along with many of our loyal customers! We will be hosting another event again later in the year for our customers to get some Xmas shopping done. Continue reading


Hot off the sewing machine #1

Hot off the sewing machine #1

Cat Print Cushion Cover

When I saw this fabric I just knew I had to have it..I initially thought of making a market bag but then I decided it would make a great cushion… I raided my stash and found a perfect blue to contrast with buttons! Well of course I have a huge stash of buttons and I found the most gorgeous vintage linen covered buttons in a mustard fabric…. add some vintage braid (from the stash) and voila!!

Oh! And look at that! My first blog post!

Stitches and such

Xx Margaret


My name is Alexis, and I…. am an emotional eater

*Hi Alexis*

I have no idea where this coping strategy stems from. That said, I am unlikely going to unpack and resolve this issue within one blog post. I am toying with the idea about incorporating elements of my journey to healthy living in blog form…. I think there’s so much going on in my life at the moment that my own health is taking a hit. Food has been my companion for so long… it’s just easy to go back to when things are out of control…. So I called this post Procrasta-eating because…. well I was mindlessly eating food without acknowledging that I was well beyond full because I was ummming and ahhhhing about where to go with various things, including this blog!


What I can control right now is using my hands in typing so that I can’t just occupy them with food.

So! I shall tell you about the latest creative enterprise we are undertaking this weekend – a Pop Up Shop!!

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A.d.i.d.a.s – All day I dream about se…..wing!

It is 6pm ish on a Monday night. And I can’t seem to relax. Partially as my mind is abuzz with the things I need to do at the salt mine tomorrow (aka the 9 to 5 job), but mostly, because I know what I would rather be doing tomorrow….. Sewing! Continue reading