My name is Alexis, and I…. am an emotional eater

*Hi Alexis*

I have no idea where this coping strategy stems from. That said, I am unlikely going to unpack and resolve this issue within one blog post. I am toying with the idea about incorporating elements of my journey to healthy living in blog form…. I think there’s so much going on in my life at the moment that my own health is taking a hit. Food has been my companion for so long… it’s just easy to go back to when things are out of control…. So I called this post Procrasta-eating because…. well I was mindlessly eating food without acknowledging that I was well beyond full because I was ummming and ahhhhing about where to go with various things, including this blog!


What I can control right now is using my hands in typing so that I can’t just occupy them with food.

So! I shall tell you about the latest creative enterprise we are undertaking this weekend – a Pop Up Shop!!

Stitch and bitch Saturdays. Oh. How I really do enjoy them. There is a mixture of relief and lament about joining the sewing circle inner sanctum of my family at the age of 30. My lessons (when my stubbornness doesn’t get in the way) are imparted to me from two extremely knowledgeable women whose sewing skills are honed not just from a seniority to myself, but a tenure that can be traced back to their “Tweens”. Whereas by comparison, my journey into the craft rabbit hole has deepened only in the last year, with brief dabbles throughout my life, tasting both success and bitter frustration. I curse myself for not engaging in this passion that stimulates my creativity and problem solving; as I am consciously aware of what my skill level could be if I had persevered. Instead, I have the sincerely joyous opportunity to learn from these women as an adult, and see them as friends rather than authority figures.

And so – spinning off from the crafts created at these events, and the massive amounts that they do when I’m not around (unfortunately, I still have a day job to go to where they have earned the right to craft all day long!) we are now online selling our handiwork, and this is an event for our local fans to come and meet with us!

Pollymop Handmade and Sharyn's Store Pop Up Sale

Pollymop Handmade and Sharyn’s Store Pop Up Sale

If you’re reading this from Brisbane, QLD this fine Tuesday evening, free up your afternoon this Sunday and come and see our work, get a head start on your Spring / Xmas shopping, or have a chat about custom orders.

You can find out more about Pollymop on Facebook here and my Aunty’s brand Sharyn’s Store here – have a browse of what we sell, and feel free to attend – please use the below form to receive further information about this weekend’s event!

Stitches and such,

Xx Alexis



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